Another Word For Sexy

Another Word For Sexy

Hi everybody,

Today we will talk about fun adjectives. If you are tired of using “handsome” , “pretty” and so one.

Words we are commonly using about mens and women:

stunning – you are unable to speak

gorgeous – “Oh, she is drop dead gorgeous!” – Is above beautiful.

She is such a cutie pie!

Hot very attractive, if you find is boring –> she is hottie

She looks incredible

She looks ravishing (pay attention, this is really strong)

On wedding day she looked breakthaway

She is a shop stopper

Muscled guy: This guy is buff

This man is dapper – very sophistacated, smart, attractive , like james bond

Hunky – very mussely , looking stronger (so he can protect you)

Handsome – used for mens. Not really those days. Nowdays used for dad 🙂 Or when somebody is having nice suite. George Cloony.

ruggedly handsome – very masculine, so probably he is not dapper

he is handsome devil

charming – attractive in terms of behavior and manners – more associated with mens

dark and mysterious – sexy (like Johnny Depp)

attractive – you have something appealing to others

a sexy beast – a jokey phrase


sculpted (sculpture of David)

striking – out of the crowd, get notices, get attention

I ran into (accidentally met) my old high school crush

I think he digs ya

I think he got’s hots for you

There are making out – first base

Is that a hickey (on your neck)? – A love bite (GB) =a  hikey

A euphemism:

I am up all night to get lucky – casual sex

I am up all night to get some (Sex = you give things + you get things)

How was your date last night? (Di)d’you get some?

Well, somebody got some last night

get laid = have sex – I need to get laid

Those nerd would get laid

Friends with benefits


How to describe how attractive somebody is:

He is attracitve / She is attractive (can be used for both women or men) it is very general, does not mean that YOU attracted by this particular men or women, so very neutral

Cute – babys are cute, animals are cute.

Girl is cute. Usually does not have any sexual intention – innocent attractiveness

Pretty, can be used only for women. Not sexual attraction.

Beautiful, also used only for women.

Good looking – usually used for mens. Good haircut

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