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Transition Words

Transition Words

Transition Words: Why Do You Need Them?

In order to link together different ideas in your text transition words and phrases are there. Those transition words are helping your reader to follow your arguments by expressing the relationships between different sentences or parts of a sentence.

Examples Of Transitions Words:

in the first place

Why are the Montagues and Capulets fighting in the first place?”

not only … but also


as a matter of fact

in like manner

in addition

coupled with

in the same fashion / way

first, second, third

in the light of

not to mention

to say nothing of

equally important

by the same token













as well as

together with

of course








Another Word For Experience On Resume

Another Word For Experience On Resume

So, you are asking yourself:  what is another word for experience on resume?

This video will give you some ideas and make your resume look perfect.  To make it even more fun let us take example of Warren Buffet and try to create his resume 🙂

Instead of using word experience or experienced, try to be more specific on what you achieved.

For example in case of Warren Buffet, we will not write

“Experienced in Investing”  it will be vague and redundant but something like “Successfully identified undervalued companies and became a billionaire”

Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland – Chapter 1

Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland – Chapter 1

Alice’s adventure in wonderland chapter 1_by_Lewis Carroll_audiobook This video will help you to hear the pronunciation and the same time to see how it should be written. This combination is very powerful for your progress in English! Video is using LibriVox recording of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (version 6) by Lewis Carroll. Read in English by StudioMike


Another Word For Successful

Another Word For Successful

List for another words for successful presented in this video: – fortunate – fruitful – happy – lucky – lucrative – outstanding – prosperous – rewarding – strong – wealthy – acknowledged – advantageous – ahead of the game – at the top – at top of ladder – auspicious – bestselling – blooming – blossoming – booming – champion – crowned – efficacious – extraordinary – flourishing – fortuitous – moneymaking – notable – noteworthy – on track – out in front – paying – rolling – thriving – top – triumphant – unbeaten – undefeated – victorious


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