Another Word For Cost Effective

Another Word For Cost Effective

Here Some Examples And Use Cases for “Cost Effective” From The Web


  • This is consistent with a leastcost approach to the UK’s binding 2050 emissions reduction target”. 
  • “We think there’s an opportunity to be the leastcost provider of electricity and compete favorably”.
  • They are the leastcost first resort of the laptop bombardiers of global intervention.
  • “So often the leastcost mentality dominates, but you really have to think about the risks”.
  • They do not always reason “instrumentally”, seeking leastcost means to given ends.
  • The leastcost solution of energy mix has been measured.
  • This significance is examined for the problem of producing leastcost structures.
  • Our proposed methodology determines the leastcost energy and reserve scheduling through a three-level model.
  • Leastcost path analysis was used to estimate its dispersal paths across the fragmented landscape.
  • However, knowing what to buy does not guarantee leastcost implementation.
  • Cutting energy waste is the leastcost way of reducing carbon emissions.
  • Most NDCs are statements of intent rather than detailed, leastcost plans.
  • “The election is the path for change that has the leastcostto the people”.
  • Kyoto is among the leastcost-effective ways to address climate change.
  • Grant Hill, while not nearly as potent as Crawford, at least cost a great deal less.


  • Engine has also worked with Southwark council on targeting its services more effectively and more costefficiently.
  • “Many mines were left unexploited, but now we can extract more costefficiently and so we are looking at areas where we can do that,” Tajani said.
  • Burnt Mill said it “provides £1.2m of services centrally as it means we can leverage the trust’s bargaining power to provide services more costefficiently“.
  • Satisfaction has dropped because companies have applied technology to handle calls more costefficiently rather than to improve customer satisfaction, Mr. Maoz said.
  • “They’ve dramatically improved fulfillment, which means they can get products from click to doorstep faster and more costefficiently than anyone else”.
  • Cremation can become not a way of disposing of the dead honorably, but of disappearing the dead conveniently and costefficiently.
  • Because Tesla designs, manufactures, sells and services its own vehicles, it can operate more costefficiently and quickly incorporate customer feedback into production of the cars, it said.
  • Clients want “a competently prepared document done as quickly and as costefficiently as possible”.
  • We need to integrate them costefficiently into our business model”.
  • It could costefficiently compete against common forest machines in some tasks.
  • SIWR employs an optimal linear programming formulation to costefficiently place integrated RFID readers.
  • The folding step can be performed manually or costefficiently in a continuous process (Kehrle & Drechsler 2004).
  • One of such challenges facing restorationists is how to stabilize tailings using plants costefficiently (i.e. phytostabilization [1]).
  • The startup has just released its new stock option service, which will allow companies to easily and costefficiently issue option grants to employees.
  • Earth observation data in combination with statistical modeling may provide a unique approach for mapping and analyzing geodiversity costefficiently.


  • Emphasize a range of preventive approaches, which can be highly costbeneficial
  • “We are investing in this technology now, to provide more costbeneficial care for the future,” says Dr Shanti Nair, Prem Nair’s brother, who heads ACNS.
  • Two trials reported some resource information suggesting a costbeneficial saving when comparing therapeutic communities to a prison alternative.
  • Targeted vaccination strategies may be highly effective and costbeneficial.
  • If the strain mismatch was 20%, vaccination was costbeneficial only at vaccine efficacies of >65%; if the mismatch was 40%, vaccination was cost-beneficial at efficacies of >82%; while vaccination was not cost-beneficial if the mismatch was >50%.
  • For immediate vaccination, at vaccine effectiveness of >55%, vaccination was costbeneficial over treatment-only.
  • Stockpiling with case-fatality rates of 0.4 0.6% would be costbeneficial if vaccine effectiveness was >80%; while at case-fatality of >5% stockpiling would be cost-beneficial even if vaccine effectiveness was 20%.
  • It will also examine whether these subsidies are costbeneficial.
  • At this prevalence, chlamydial screening in this population is probably costbeneficial.
  • DNase may be an effective and costbeneficial treatment for atelectasis in non-CF pediatric patients.
  • These studies have also shown the costbeneficial nature of these programmes.
  • General psychiatric services have a need for costbeneficial screening instruments for adolescent populations.
  • The threshold where varenicline was the most costbeneficial was US$1,184.
  • The bait delivery system using baits made from cheap locally available material can be considered safe, effective and costbeneficial







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