Synonyms For Important: Learn How to Spell and Pronounce [Improve Your Vocabulary in English]

Synonym for important responsibility

Synonym Example Sentence
Key responsibility One of his key responsibilities is to manage the project timeline.
Essential duty It’s an essential duty of parents to provide for their children’s needs.
Vital obligation Meeting deadlines is a vital obligation in our profession.
Significant task One significant task for the team is to resolve customer complaints.
Crucial role She plays a crucial role in the company’s marketing department.
Central duty Ensuring data security is a central duty of IT professionals.
Core responsibility Teaching students is the core responsibility of educators.
Pivotal function Maintaining a safe work environment is a pivotal function of supervisors.
Fundamental duty Following safety protocols is a fundamental duty for construction workers.
Indispensable mandate Protecting national security is an indispensable mandate of the military.

Synonym for important beneficial

Synonym Example Sentence
Crucial beneficial Regular exercise is crucial for maintaining beneficial health.
Essential beneficial A balanced diet is essential for obtaining beneficial nutrients.
Vital beneficial Good communication is vital for a beneficial relationship.
Significant beneficial Savings are significant for a beneficial financial future.
Key beneficial A positive attitude is key to experiencing beneficial outcomes.
Critical beneficial Time management skills are critical for a beneficial work-life balance.
Pivotal beneficial Trust is pivotal for building a beneficial partnership.
Fundamental beneficial Education is fundamental for obtaining beneficial knowledge.
Indispensable beneficial Clean water is indispensable for a beneficial quality of life.
Central beneficial Good sleep is central to a beneficial overall well-being.

Synonym for important region

Synonym Example Sentence
Key region The key region for our company’s growth is Asia.
Vital area Protecting the vital areas of the ecosystem is crucial for conservation.
Crucial territory This is a crucial territory for our military strategy.
Significant locale This significant locale is known for its rich cultural heritage.
Critical zone The critical zone for the project’s success is the downtown area.
Central district The central district of the city is a hub for business and entertainment.
Core area The core area of the park is where most of the attractions are located.
Essential sector The essential sector for economic development is the technology industry.
Pivotal domain The pivotal domain in this negotiation is the pricing structure.
Indispensable region Access to this indispensable region is vital for trade routes.

Synonym for important info

Synonym Example Sentence
Essential information Before you start the project, gather essential information about the client’s needs.
Vital information It’s important to have vital information about the market before launching a new product.
Key information The key information for this assignment can be found in the course syllabus.
Crucial information The team discussed crucial information regarding the upcoming merger.
Significant data Analyzing significant data is essential for making informed decisions.
Critical details Don’t overlook critical details when reviewing the contract.
Essential data Gathering essential data is the first step in conducting market research.
Pivotal facts These pivotal facts will determine the success of the project.
Fundamental data Understanding the fundamental data is crucial for any scientific analysis.
Indispensable info Indispensable info about safety procedures should be communicated to all employees.

Synonym for important points

Synonym Example Sentence
Key points Let’s review the key points from the presentation.
Essential points These are the essential points of the contract.
Vital points The vital points of the discussion were highlighted.
Significant points She made several significant points during the debate.
Critical points The critical points in the argument were well-structured.
Central points The central points of the essay are well-supported.
Core points The core points of the research study were highlighted in the conclusion.
Salient points He summarized the salient points from the meeting.
Pivotal points These pivotal points in the negotiation can’t be overlooked.
Essential aspects Understanding the essential aspects of the topic is crucial.

Synonym for important fantasy

Synonym Example Sentence
Significant fantasy The dream of becoming a successful writer was a significant fantasy for him.
Key fantasy One of his key fantasies was to travel the world and explore new cultures.
Essential fantasy Her essential fantasy was to live in a beautiful cottage in the countryside.
Crucial fantasy Winning the lottery was a crucial fantasy for many people hoping for financial freedom.
Vital fantasy The vital fantasy of having a loving and supportive family was at the forefront of her mind.
Major fantasy Climbing Mount Everest was a major fantasy he had since he was a child.
Central fantasy The central fantasy of being a hero and saving the world is a common theme in many stories.
Core fantasy His core fantasy was to invent something revolutionary that would change the world.
Fundamental fantasy The fundamental fantasy of finding true love is something most people desire.
Primary fantasy Her primary fantasy was to live a life full of adventure and exploration.

Synonym for important items

Synonym Example Sentence
Crucial items The documents in this folder are crucial for the project’s success.
Essential items Water and food are essential items for survival.
Vital items First aid supplies are vital items in an emergency kit.
Significant items These artifacts hold significant historical value.
Key items The key items for the presentation are the slides and the projector.
Critical items Meeting the deadline is critical for our team’s success.
Pivotal items Communication is one of the pivotal items in a healthy relationship.
Fundamental items Understanding basic math concepts is fundamental for a strong math foundation.
Necessary items A flashlight and batteries are necessary items during a power outage.
Indispensable items High-speed internet has become an indispensable item for remote work.

s For Important



In this video you will learn how to spell and pronounce (we all know how pronunciation practice is important) synonyms in english for important. It will surely improve your overall vocabulary which In turn helps a lot in expressing your thoughts clearly and without any ambiguity.

List of synonyms for important presented in this video:

– big

– critical

– crucial

– decisive

– essential

– extensive

– far


– great

– imperative

– influential

– large

– meaningful

– necessary

– paramount

– relevant

– serious

– significant

– urgent

– vital

– big


– chief

– considerable

– conspicuous

– determining

– earnest

– esteemed

– exceptional

– exigent

– foremost

– front-page

– grave

– heavy

– importunate

– marked

– material

– mattering much

– momentous

– of moment

– of note

– of substance

– ponderous

– pressing

– primary

– principal

– salient

– signal

– something

– standout

– weighty




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