Synonyms For Great [Spelling + Pronunciation]

Synonyms For Great [Spelling + Pronunciation]



Synonyms For Great [Spelling + Pronunciation] In this video you will learn synonyms in english for great as well as get a pronunciation practice of those synonyms. It will surely improve your overall vocabulary which In turn helps a lot in expressing your thoughts clearly and without any ambiguity.

Another Word For Awesome

Another Word For Awesome

Another Word For Awesome

If you’re searching for another way to say awesome, the English language offers several alternatives. One common attribute that alot of English words share is similar meanings, so that makes it easier to express one idea in numerous ways. In addition, this is especially beneficial for writers looking to spice up their articles, essays, stories, and more. Repeating the same words throughout your writing can make your work boring to read, but by utilizing a wide variance of words you can inject excitement into your projects. Without further ado, here are 10 alternative words that can replace awesome.

1. Stunning

Stunning defines an unexpected occurrence or amazing event, so it carries a similar meaning to awesome.In a sentence describing an amazing action or event, stunning could be a suitable replacement for awesome. I have created some sentence examples for you to look at below.

. She looked stunning in her wedding dress.
. He put on a stunning performance in the NBA Finals and won the MVP award.
. The underdog team winning the championship was a stunning event.
. Jennifer Lopez wore a stunning dress on the red carpet.
. My novel receiving an award was a stunning moment.

2. Sterling

Sterling is a synonym for excellent or valuable. You do not hear this word being used as much as awesome or other words on this list, so it is definitely a word you should integrate into your lexicon. The word sterling is mostly reserved for items or attributes of the highest quality. For example, if a person owns expense silverware, you can say the following: “This man owned sterling silverware.” Another example of using sterling in a sentence is: “The woman had a sterling work ethic.” Using the word sterling in your speech and/or writing will greatly enhance your grasp of the English language. It will also add interest and intrigue for readers because it is a beautifully sounding word.

3. Exquisite

The word exquisite is synonymous with delicate, beauty, and elegance. Exquisite is commonly used to describe things of high quality or extreme beauty. A beatiful dress or great tasting dish can be called exquisite. The word itself sounds like something expensive or connected to royalty, so if you utilize this word in your vocabulary, it can elevate the perceived importance of what you’re talking about. You can find examples below of how to properly use exquisite in a sentence.

. The food at the diner tasted exquisite.
. He had exquisite taste in fashion
. Her dress was exquisite.
. His house is exquisite.
. The way she moves on the dancefloor is exquisite.

4. Exceptional

The word exceptional defines work or talent that is above average.Performing a task or job at a high level can be labeled as exceptional. For example, if you’re one of the best basketball players in college, you will be categorized as an exception talent. Another way exceptional can be used is describing test scores. If you have one of the highest grades on a test in your schools, , your grade can be described as an exceptionally high score.

5. Magnificent

Magnificent is a synonym for elaborate or extravagant. This word is mostly used for something that leaves a strong impression. When this word is employed, you usually think of a striking appearance or an awe inspiring display. For example, if you visit the Grand Cayon, you could say: “The view was magnificent.” Another way magnificent can be incorporated into a sentence is by describing an impressive performance: “Serena Williams had a magnificent performance in the tournament.” Replacing awesome with magnificent can add a boost to your vocab.

6. Marvelous

Marvelous is a word that describes something that is elegant and/or amazing. In addition, marvelous can be used to define a beautiful item or moment. When you need a fancy way to say awesome, marvelous is a great alternative. I’ve also written some examples below to give you a get video of how to use marvelous in a sentence.

. The show was marvelous.
. Her whole house is marvelous.
. The figure skater put on a marvelous display last night.
. The setting was marvelous at the beach resort.
. The food at steak house was marvelous.

7. Fantastic

Fantastic is a common way to say something is awesome or amazing. If you’re tired of repeating the word awesome, using fantastic instead is a good option. Using the word fantastic is a great way to add character to your verbage. Below you can find various examples of how to use fantastic in place of awesome.

. The food was fantastic.
. The show was fantastic.
. He did a fantastic job last night.
. My life is fantastic.
. The design on her dress is fantastic.

8. Phenomenal

Phenomenonal and awesome are pretty much interchangeable. Both describe an amazing thing or person. Also, Phenomenonal can be used to add spark to a sentence or conversation. Please read the examples of phenomenonal being used in a sentence below to get a better understanding.

. Lebron James put on a phenomenonal performance last night.
. The ice cream at Baskin Robbins was phenomenonal.
. The vacation to Colorado was phenomenal.
. I had a phenomenonal experience at the show last night.
. I feel phenomenal after jogging this morning.

9. Great

Great is just a generic term for awesome. In addition, this word should be used in moderation, since its one of the most common English terms to describe something that is extremely good or amazing. Great is a decent replacement for awesome if you’re look for something short and simple.

10. Amazing

Amazing is a synonym from something that feels or looks great. Amazing is common phrase that can replace awesome or great. For example, if you are watching an entertaining television show, you can say: “This show is amazing.” Another potential use of amazing can describe your health or well being: “I have felt amazing everyday since I stopped drinking soda.” These are just a few ways you can utilize amazing to replace awesome in your everyday vocabulary or writing.

11. Spectacular

An event that is eye catching or striking is typically labeled as spectacular. Using spectacular can add drama and excitement to whatever you’re talking about. Below I have five examples of spectacular being used in a sentence.
. Simone Biles put on a spectacular performance in the Olympics last year.
. The fireworks show was spectacular.
. The ending of the movie was spectacular.
. Usain Bolt’s speed in the race was spectacular.
. His toughness during the boxing match was spectacular.

12. Impressive

Anything that encites awe or excitement can be called impressive. Using impressive in your speach and writing can generate intrigue. An accomplishment or surprising feat can be categorized as impressive. For example, if a man breaks a world record, you could say the following: “His strength was impressive when he broke the world record.” Another example could involve a surprising turn events: “The Cavs coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals was very impressive.”

13. Breathtaking

A surprising event or monumental moment is synonymous with breathtaking. When you think of a moment that is breathtaking, it usual is something you don’t expect or is exciting. Here are some examples of breathtaking be used in a sentence.
. The height of the building was breathtaking.
. The speed of the car was breathtaking.
. The view from on top of the mountain was breathtaking.
. Her performance in the contest was breathtaking.
. The way she looked in the dress was breathtaking.

14. Incredible

Incredible is a synonym for great or awesome. If something is a success or shocking, it can be labeled as incredible. I wrote some examples of incredible in a sentence below.
. The fact that she graduated with straight A’s is incredible.
. Running a marathon requires incredible endurance.
. It takes incredible strength to deal with the loss of a love one.
. She is an incredible woman.
. James Harden played incredible last night.

15. Sublime

Sublime represents elevated importance or beauty. If you want to emphasize something with high status, this word will fit perfect. Look below to see examples of how to use sublime in your vocabulary.
. His performance on the piano was sublime.
. The Queen looked sublime in her dress.
. The mansion looked sublime.
. The way she moves her body is sublime.
. The setting at the beach resort was sublime.

16. Wonderful

Wonderful is synonymous with a positive experience or some type of success. In addition, it is a common word used to praise an achievement or compliment something. For example, if a person does well in a competition, you can say: “He did wonderful in the basketball tournament.” Another example includes praising something:”The movie was wonderful.”

17. Remarkable

The word remarkable usually refers to some type of achievement or accomplishment. If you graduate at the top of your class, that can be labeled as remarkable. Utilizing this word to replace awesome can really elavate the importance of whatever you’re referencing. For example, if someone achieves a goal they have been working towards for a long time, you can tell them: “Your patience and resilience is remarkable.”

18. Miraculous

A miracle or an unexpected event can be categorized as miraculous. Think of the miracles you’ve witnessed or experience in your life. These events can be called awesome, but the word miraculous is more suitable. Here is an example of miraculous being used in a sentence: “She had a miraculous recovery after surviving that deadly crash.”

19. Stupendous

Anything that is mind blowing or extremely impressive can be called stupendous. Stupendous isn’t as commonly used as words like awesome or great, so it can diversify your vocabulary and help you avoid generic sentences. You can find stupendous being used in multiple examples below.
. Her singing was stupendous.
. His magic trick was stupendous.
. His storytelling throughout the novel was stupendous.
. Her performance on the tennis court was stupendous.
. The movie had a stupendous conclusion.

20. Extraordinary

Extraordinary defines anything that is amazing or out of the ordinary. For example, a basketball player scoring 70 points in a game can be classified as extraordinary because its not an ordinary occurrence. Here is an example of extraordinary being utilized in a sentence: “The judges giving her a perfect score was extraordinary.”

Another Word For Unique

Another Word For Unique

another word for unique_powerThere is no arguing the power of a single word. Words can have emotion behind them and the use of anyone of them can create the entire tone of a single sentence. That being said, it can sometimes be difficult knowing just the right words to use, in order to capture that perfect essence. For example; let’s take the word ‘unique.’ It’s a lovely word, but there are many synonyms for it that can be used in its place, that capture different feeling.

It is easy to find the synonym to just about any word. The easiest way is by looking through a thesaurus. You can buy a thesaurus, or you can go online to and find map of synonyms there:

another word for unique_map

And lastly, if you are writing on programs like Microsoft Word or Libre Office, you can right-click on the specific word, scroll down to option of synonyms, and then you’ll get a couple of good alternative words that you can use. It’s really easy.

So, the definition of the word ‘unique’ is – being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else. So, for example, if your grandmother made you a special quilt, you would say that it was unique.

It wouldn’t have been manufactured and produced in masses. You wouldn’t find it on shelves at a store. There would only be that one, in all of existence. It would be unique and one of a kind. As previously mentioned, it is a beautiful word, but let’s get into some of its synonyms now and see what other words have the same meaning.


The word ‘distinctive’ is another great word for unique. Distinctive means – something that stands out above the rest. For example, you could say that juniper berries give gin its distinctive flavor.

It is a lot different than other kinds of drinks and the berries play a big part in making the drink unique.





Another great synonym for unique is ‘special.’ Special means – better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual. Imagine you have a jewelry box full of your favorite jewelry pieces. But one of them is more another word for unique_jewelleryspecial than the others. Perhaps it was given to you by someone you love very much. Maybe there is a meaning behind it that no other piece of jewelry has. You could say that the piece of jewelry is special. It stands out from the rest and has a uniqueness to it that the other jewelry pieces don’t have.


‘idiosyncratic’ is another great word for unique. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but this word can come in handy when you’re trying to sound professional or informative.

another word for unique_girlIdiosyncratic means – peculiar or individual. It is very similar to unique, but you’d word it differently. Let’s think of an example. Let’s imagine this girl who had a talent that was unlike anything you’ve ever seen. She was obviously unique and different. You could say, she emerged as one of the great, idiosyncratic talents of the nineties.

There are so many different ways that you can use words and create different feelings. Don’t be afraid to use your thesaurus and explore as many synonyms as you can. One word really can change the whole style and feel of your writing.



Work Well With Others Synonym

One who works well with others:

– is a team player 

– is one who embraces teamwork

“A small team of a+ players can run circles around a giant team of b and c players.”

Steve Jobs

– cooperates with other people

– collaborates well with others

– is one who communicates well with others

“Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt
– is a dedicated team member

– is a team-oriented worker

Entrust your project to our dedicated team members and enjoy the results of this cooperation.

How to express the same meaning for “Work Well With Others” 

Examples from the Web:

  • “Try to maintain a positive attitude and be supportive” [1]
  • “Offer to assist someone who is overwhelmed”[1]
  • “Taking time to listen to someone who is having a bad day”[1]
  • “Have never an issue when it comes to getting along with others at work” [1]
  • “Work with pretty much anyone” [1]
  • “Work to find common ground”[1]
  • “Enjoy the people you work with and can get along with anyone”[1]
  • “Be able to make some of your closest friends from different workplaces“[1]
  • “Know how important relationships in the office are for not only camaraderie but also for accomplishing tasks within your team” [1]
  • “People person who can find a way to get along with nearly anyone” [1]
  • “When it comes to odd coworkers, you have learned to be glad you don’t live with them!” [1]
  • “Ability to handle most anyone for working hours length of time” [1]
  • “To tend to get along well with coworkers, and if occasionally something comes up, to be sure to address any issue, so it doesn’t get out of hand and create a divisive work environment”[1]
  • “Trying to be supportive, and a team player”[1]
  • “More than anything, you want always to be positive and respectful, regardless of our differences or anything else”[1]
  • “To get along with most anyone you work with, teaching coworkers, supervisors, students, or parents”[1]
  • “Your job is to find common ground no matter what, so I always look for the best”[1]
  • “Even when there are folks who disagree with your teaching style, to look to see it from their perspective and, especially if it’s a student”[1]
  • “To love working with people. Being flexible and approachable in the workplace”[1]
  • “Understanding that things can change quickly, encourage open communication with you coworkers and address the concerns they may have”[1]

Teamwork as a synonym for “Work Well With Others”

work well with others synonym_teamwork

Quotations examples from the Web:

  • “There’s a tremendous incentive for managers to establish a culture of teamwork and emotional support at the office”“ It was all teamwork, everybody working together doing what they had to do and not giving up, just keep going forward”[2]


  • “Sunday said the award is a tremendous honor because it acknowledges law enforcement embracing teamwork, which the district attorney said his office fosters daily” [3]



  • Teamwork helps goals become accomplished more quickly and effectively, it creates new ideas, and it solves issues” [4]
  • “The numbers speak for themselves: Successful teamwork can increase innovation by up to 15% and reduce the time it takes to release a product by 20%.” [5]
  • “Simply acknowledging the importance of teamwork isn’t enough: you need to incorporate team-building strategies into your corporate culture.” [6]
  • “The bottom line is that an organization thrives when teamwork is at its best.”[7]
  • “Over the past twenty years working with thousands of diverse teams across various industries, led me to conclude that the best teamwork is a group of people working together for the greater good of the team – meaning, that each person is willing to forgo their own ego, and make decisions that are truly in the best interest of the team vs their own best interest.”[8]
  • “Effective teamwork is good for business. Stronger relationships between team members, greater job satisfaction, energized employees and a more engaged workforce are just a few of the benefits.”  [9]
  • “Companies who value teamwork understand that their organizational success is tied to how well their team members work collaboratively to achieve the overall goals.” [10]
  • “Therefore, the importance of teamwork is emphasized more and more, with companies spending millions on team building strategies.”[11]
  • “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”[12]


Team Player is another way to say “Work Well With Others”

work well with others synonym_teamplayerQuotations examples from the Web:

  • Team players are entirely different. When others fail, these are the people who step forward to lift the team back instead of playing the blame game. They are persistent to get it done and get it right. Team players are admired by many and envied by those who are not.”[13]
  • “A good team player is straightforward. He or she speaks frankly and bring truth to conversations. Someone you can count on and will tell you everything, regardless of whether it is good news or bad news.” [13]
  • “We often hear players and coaches praising members of the team as a team players. It’s a quality highly regarded because it is so valuable to the team effort.” [14]
  • “You seem like a team player because you volunteer to do things! But if you’re honest, it’s partly because you know that other people will do it wrong.” [15]
  • “A good team player cooperates with others without dominating the group and doing everything their way.” [16]


Cooperates With Other People

work well with others synonym_cooperates with other peopleQuotations examples from the Web:

  • “Secondly, when a manager cooperates with other people in a team, he inspires and motivates them to demonstrate and exploit their abilities and be productive in the workplace. To be more specific, people who are allowed to show their strengths and present innovative, practical and pragmatic solutions for the troubles that the project faces usually feel more satisfied and their senses of self-esteem and self-gratitude improve. “[17]
  • This is the reason in the first civilized nations, individuals decided to cooperate so that fighting enemies and securing food could be easier; thus in this instance, man cooperates with other people, in order to meet the selfish motive of self preservation. [18]