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  • Another Word For Develop In a Resume

    Developmental Issues ​When it comes to writing the perfect resume, much of it has to do with how it’s worded. Using words and phrases that sound too repetitive, especially if it’s listed job after job, tends to make the resume look a bit too mundane. It suggests, as a job seeker, there is a lack […]

  • Another word for coworkers

    Another word for coworkers Coworkers can be great people to know but they can also be a real pain to deal with. There are different names you can call your coworker; but don’t worry none of them are bad. The following material will describe the different words and phrases you can use to call your […]

  • Transition Words

    Transition Words Transition Words: Why Do You Need Them? In order to link together different ideas in your text transition words and phrases are there. Those transition words are helping your reader to follow your arguments by expressing the relationships between different sentences or parts of a sentence. Examples Of Transitions Words: in the first […]

  • Another Word For Experience On Resume

    So, you are asking yourself:  what is another word for experience on resume? This video will give you some ideas and make your resume look perfect.  To make it even more fun let us take example of Warren Buffet and try to create his resume 🙂         Instead of using word experience or experienced, try […]

  • Jeux de mots pourris, nul et intelligents

    À vous de voir si ces jeux de mots “fait maison” sont pourris, nul ou intelligents 🙂 C’est quoi la différence entre cacao et caca bas?